Create your own green screen

We had in mind of getting a green screen for our own private production. We wanted high quality and was looking around on the Internet. Most of the sites where in USA, but soon we found sites in Sweden as well.

We where looking for a medium sized screen and it was quite hard to find. There where a lot of small for face portrait and very big, like 20 meters, for big production. Finally we found a good size and an overcoming prize of $139.98 from a site in USA. It even had a nice support stand. So we asked for an qoute with shipping. Because of the support stand and of course the long distance the price was almost doubled to $257.25. Suddenly it wasn't worth it.

So we started looking in Sweden again instead. Then the summer came and actually on our summer trip to Linköping we got in to one of these fabrics store and found a lightgreen bed sheet fabric , really thin for 20 SEK ($3) a meter so we bought 7 meters in with 1.6 meters.

At home we hung it on a stick, which, in turn, hung in some ropes. We put a strong halogen lamp behind the fabric. You know those sheep construction lights. And from the front we put another halogen lamp, lighting up the screen, not the object. Finally we took a desktop luminous lamp to light up the object.

The secret of making a green screen is not just the color or fabrics (muslin) or some special expensive paint as you can see in some instructions on the Internet. No, the secret is a solid color that not exist (so much) in the object and light green is a good color, better than blue. Make sure there are no shadows on the green screen, visible in the camera view. Don't place the object to close to the green screen, because of the shadows. By the way, this sheep bed sheet fabric does actually work quite good without this light set up.

Whos was the object? ...the youngest guy in the family was ordered to take his place in our new studio, tempted by "- we are going to make you fly". He tie his fist and aimed it towards the sky...and ther you go, his the movie!

The same fabric is used in this short clip at Youtube, Tjuven i Fort Knox (The thief in Fort Knox);

At Mark Apsolons account at Youtube you can find some inspiring videos on using green screens and other video stuff.